Russian military in Donbas: Russian colonel killed in Donbas – Ukrainian police reveal details

11:10 Sep. 25, 2016

Russian colonel killed in Donbas – Ukrainian police reveal details

Russian Col. Osipov ('Orlov') killed in Luhansk (Photo by Artem Shevchenko / Facebook)

Killed in Luhansk Col. Osipov previously commanded a paratrooper unit of Russian army in Anapa

The Interior Ministry of Ukraine revealed the details on the murdered in Luhansk Russian colonel. As Ministry's speaker Artem Shevchenko wrote on Facebook, Deputy Commander of Kremlin-sponsored ‘2nd Army Corps' of the puppet state ‘Luhansk Peoples Republic' Alexander Osipov  (nicknamed ‘Orlov') previously served as a paratrooper commander in a Russian army unit in Anapa (Krasnodarsk region, Caucasus, Russia). 

"Paratrooper, really big bump. He could serve way along in Anapa, now he is dead in separatists showdown in our land. Suicide of the "premier-minister" Tsypkalov – seems to be logical part of the same case," Shevchenko says in his statement.

Open sources say, that in the town of Anapa the base of Guards Artillery Regiment №1141 is placed. This unit is a part of 7th Airborne Assault Division of Russian Army. According to Ukrainian volunteers, units of this division took part in Russian invasion to Ukrainian Donbas in 2014 and 2015, in particular - during the battle of Ilovaysk.

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Earlier Ukrainian Military Intel informed of Russian high-ranking official killed in Donbas. Kremlin' Secret Service started an investigation on his death is militant-held Ukrainian Luhansk. Also yesterday an information appeared on ex-Luhansk 'Prime Minister' - he was arrested by separatists, then allegedly 'committed suicide'


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