Donbas terror: Russian heavy artillery shelled school in Ukrainian Mariinka overnight (photos)

12:53 Nov. 15, 2016

Russian heavy artillery shelled school in Ukrainian Mariinka overnight (photos)

Russian-backed militants fire artillery toward the Ukrainian positions during the night (by Luhansk State Administration / Facebook)

152mm charges hit civilian residential area and local school during the massive night artillery raid

A powerful night fire raid damaged all 3 floors of school №1, as well as several residential areas along the October, Shevchenko and Lenin streets in the town of Mariinka in Donetsk region of Ukraine. Fortunately, neither children nor adults were injured, local police inform.

Now police officers inspect and document the damage to the school №1. All three floors of the building are damaged, 42 window are broken. 157 children are still studying in this school, because it's the only one in this district. Information about the harm done to the private houses is still collected. Police qualified this deed of Kremlin proxies as a "terrorist act".

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Aftermath of militant artillery raid on the school in the town of Mariinka (National police photo)

That's not the only attack by Russian militants during the previous day, although the heaviest one, Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation staff informs. 21 fire raids were recorded along the whole frontline. Besides the 152mm artillery, militants also used 122mm howitzers, all kinds of mortars, air defense guns, grenade launchers of all types and sniper weapon. 

As reported, unexploded Russian ‘Smerch' cluster missile was found yesterday near the Ukrainian village (have a look on photos and map).

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