Russian military in Donbas: Russian high-ranking official killed in Donbas – Military Intel

14:55 Sep. 23, 2016

Russian high-ranking official killed in Donbas – Military Intel

Russian-backed militants in Donbas (Gettyimages photo)

Kremlin sends new armour to Donbas and investigates the death of Russian officer in Luhansk

Ukrainian Military Intelligence reports about an investigation conducted by Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) on militant-held territory of Donbas. They investigate the murder of senior Russian officer in Luhansk on September 21.

He was reported to perform an unofficial "service-combat" job on the militant-held territory of eastern Ukraine as deputy commander of "2nd army corps" of Russian-backed forces in Donbas He served in Luhansk under the command of Center of territorial troops of Southern military District of Russian Armed Forces. Intel doesn't mention his actual rank and name, just that he served in militant forces as "Colonel Alexander Borisovich Orlov".

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Also Intel reports new facts of regular supply of arms and military equipment from Russia to militant forces in Donbas. Near the town of Torez Ukrainian recon spotted the arrival of 15 tanks (five T-80, 10 T-72) plus trucks; near the town of Rovenky – nine rail fuel tankers (450 tonnes); plus in the town of Shakhtarsk – 18 trucks with ammunition.

As reported earlier, another Russian 'aid convoy' invaded Ukraine, namely Donbas districts held by Kremlin-controlled forces.

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