: Russian police raid homes of Crimean Tatars (video)

10:27 May. 26, 2016

Russian police raid homes of Crimean Tatars (video)

Crimean Tatars protest against Russia (GettyImages Photo)

Activists report, local citizen has been taken to a Centre for combating extremism

Russian riot police (OMON) is raiding homes of Crimean Tatars on the Russian-occupied peninsula. The searches take place in several districts of Simferopol and a town of Alupka. A video of the action has been uploaded online. 

Local lawyer Emil Kurbedinov reports, one of the Crimean Tatars, Timur Osmanov, has been taken to a local centre for combating extremism. The police does not explain any reasons for the searches. Crimean Tatars say, Russia is trying to scare them into silence.



"What's the most horrible, is that they are not looking for Ervin Ibrahimov, kidnapped by the law enforcers, no, they are doing an act of intimidation", Crimean Tatars rep Zair Smedlya states.

Ervin Ibrahimov is a member of Crimean Tatars Mejlis. He is reported missing in the city of Bakhchisaray. According to this video, he has been captured by several unknown persons.

Crimean Tatars claim these persons to be Russian police. This kidnapping is a part of a long streak of arrests and persecutions of local Muslims. Ukraine and the West has repeatedly called on Moscow to respect the rights of the local citizens.

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