Donbas war: Russian proxies assault Ukrainian positions near Mariupol, casualties reported
Crime16:30 Nov. 23, 2016

Russian proxies assault Ukrainian positions near Mariupol, casualties reported

Kremlin-backed militants continue massive shelling in the Mariupol direction with shorter fire raids in other areas

During the last 24 hours Mariupol sector remained the most dangerous area in Donbas, spokesman for the Defence Ministry of Ukraine Col. Andriy Lysenko informed.

In particular, Russian proxies commenced direct assault on the Vodiane village, but after 3-hour battle had to retreat. After that they shelled Ukrainian positions in the village with 122mm artillery.

Another village, Krasnohorivka, was shelled with Russian "Grad Partizan" missiles (122mm rockets for MLRS). Later militants commenced a number of mortar attacks on the same lines. Smaller battle clashes have been reported from other locations.

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In general, during the last day Russia-controlled ‘separatists' made 16 attacks in the Mariupol direction, 9 of them with heavy weapons.

Donetsk and Luhansk areas have seen 4 militants attacks each. Russian proxies hadn't assaulted with ground troops any Ukrainian positions there, but used mortars of different calibres very intensively, fire raids lasted from 20 minutes to 1 hour.  

"Thus, the enemy still continues to keep heavy weapons at the frontline," Col. Lysenko stressed.

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All those attacks costed Ukrainian army one soldier killed and 3 injured.

One of those injured defending Mariupol is famous war veteran, former Maidan activist and Right Sector volunteer call-signed ‘Spider'. Currently he is serving his term as a scout in the Ukrainian Army, which he joined along with 15 comrades.

The head of National Police department in Donetsk region Gen. Vyacheslav Abroskin wrote about the men on Facebook: "This summer, he and his friend captured eight (!) ‘DPR' militants. For the capture of prisoners he was nominated for the state award, but the decision is not accepted yet... It is the third year of the war for him, and not because of the awards, but for the call of the soul to serve and protect our country. And today, having come in consciousness, he said that once back on track, he'll be back to the line, to the front."


Ukrainian scout callsigned 'Spider' (on the left) with captured militant, wearing Russian Army uniform (by Vyacheslav Abroskin)

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