Donbas war: Russian proxies once more thwart withdrawal of forces in Donbas: artillery and MLRS used
Crime18:44 Nov. 4, 2016

Russian proxies once more thwart withdrawal of forces in Donbas: artillery and MLRS used

30 attacks yesterday, 20 more today, two Ukrainians killed – evidently the ceasefire in Donbas is not working 

Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to implement the Framework Decision of Trilateral contact group on withdrawal of forces in Donbas, but militant attacks make it impossible, the press officer of Joint Centre of Coordination and Control Taras Gren stated. He means the fire raids on positions of Ukrainian Army held by Russia-backed ‘separatists' during the first night of November, which didn't allow disengagement of troops near the village of Stanytsia Luhanska, planned for the next day.

"Repeated shelling of our positions in the Stanytsia Luhanska in the evening on November 2 again eloquently confirmed militant leaders' reluctance to fulfil their obligations. Militants shelled our positions with mortars of 82mm calibre (prohibited by Minsk agreements), grenade launchers, light armour and hand weapons for about four hours," officer stated.

Taras Gren also mentioned what he called "more evidence of the breakdown of the arrangements by Russian proxies": the fact of bombardment of the positions of Armed Forces of Ukraine near the village of Krymske with multiple rocket launchers BM-21 "Grad". Overall about 30 rockets were fired, he stated.

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"We emphasize that the disengagement of the forces in accordance with the Framework Decision of the Trilateral contact group on withdrawal of forces in Donbas is possible only after seven days of the ceasefire. Armed Forces of Ukraine strictly adhere to their commitments," press officer pointed out.

Still the situation has no sign of getting easier. Today Defense Ministry speaker Col. Andriy Lysenko reported about 30 militant attacks during the previous day, causing one Ukrainian soldier to be killed and two more wounded. One more wounded fighter died in hospital. Russian proxies' attacks on the first 3 days of November costed Ukrainian Army 12 men killed and wounded.


Situation in Donbas on November 4 (by MediaRNBO, click to enlarge)

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Today militants attacked Ukrainian positions and settlements 20 more times. Heavy artillery (152mm calibre), various calibers of mortars and anti-tank missiles shelling reported.

Also today the photos of the aftermath of militant artillery raid on the village of Vynohradne have been published. They support Ukrainian Army claims that Putin by his proxies is purposely destroying the civil infrastructure of Donbas. As Ukraine Today reported earlier, militant shelling in Vynohradne village left over 500 houses without gas




Aftermath of militant artillery raid on the village of Vynohradne with the 122mm artillery (JCCC photo)

Minsk Contact Group had already set new dates for withdrawal of troops after it was thwarted by militants, but Ukraine military postponed the process since militant attacks intencified. 

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