Escalation in Donbas: Russian proxies "turning over the soil" in Avdiyivka with 400 shells – observers
Crime11:45 Aug. 30, 2016

Russian proxies "turning over the soil" in Avdiyivka with 400 shells – observers

The number of Minsk agreements violations in Donbas increases dramatically

Government-controlled town of Avdiyivka experienced the most intense fighting yesterday – Russian-backed separatists commenced 17 attacks on Ukrainian positions and residential areas. Press officer of Ukrainian side of Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination (JCCC) Vadym Bakai reported today about almost 400 shells of weapons banned by the Minsk agreements hitting the locality. Observers noted using Russian tanks, 122 mm artillery systems and mortars of all kinds.

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"It seems that they are trying to turn over the soil here. Shells were flying from everywhere: Yasynuvata (militants-held town – UT), Mineralne, Jakovlivka, Donetsk airport and Spartacus (Donetsk suburbs – UT). Disaster didn't spare the residential areas as well," – press officer comments.

Observers of Ukrainian side of JCCC made the photo fixation of the outcome of the shelling. All these facts and evidences were given to representatives of the OSCE SMM.

Earlier today the press center of ATO headquarters reported about further escalation in Donbas. During the previous day Ukrainian side noted 91 case of opening fire. 46 of them were in Donetsk, 25 – in Luhansk and 20 – in Mariupol directions. In the Donetsk area Russian proxies fired four dozen projectiles of 152 mm caliber and over two hundred – of 122 mm caliber.

On the previous month Avdiyivka industrial zone still had being shelled even when general number of militant attacks decreased.

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