"Donbas separatist" from Moscow revealed the names of his commanders: Russian soldier surrenders to Ukrainian Army in Donbas – Intel

15:42 Sep. 11, 2016

Russian soldier surrenders to Ukrainian Army in Donbas – Intel

The passport of surrendered Russian Denis Sidorov and photo of his commander Col. Aleksey Berdnikov (Photo by GUR)

"Militant" from Moscow told about Russian officers commanding so-called "separatist forces" in Eastern Ukraine

Intelligence Department of Ukrainian Defense Ministry informs about one more Russian soldier of Kremlin-backed separatist army, who defected to the Ukrainian side.

According to Military Intelligence, on September 9, trooper of reconnaissance company of "3rd separate motorized rifle brigade" (based in Gorlovka, Ukraine) of "1st army corps" (i.e. Russia-backed armed forces of so-called "Donetsk peoples republic") Denis Sidorov surrendered to Ukrainian soldiers near the village Shyroka Balka (Donetsk region). Sidorov appeared to be a Russian citizen, born in 1981 and lived in Moscow, 16a Alekseya Dikogo str., apt. 91.

Yesterday "Sidorov provided information on the presence and activities of Russian military personnel along with whole Russian army units on temporarily occupied territories of Donbass," intel reports. He pointed out that in command positions of his 3rd brigade are regular officers of the Russian Armed Forces only.

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Also Sidorov provided information that in mid-August position of commander of 3rd brigade were taken by new Russian officers.

"In the course of identification provided by photographs (Sidorov – UT) confirmed that the post of commander of 3rd brigade in August was passed to the colonel of the Russian Armed Forces BYERDNIKOV Alexey, who replaced Major general Timofeev Igor Borisovich and came from Primorye, where he commanded mechanized infantry brigade. As defined by Defence Ministry Intelligence of Ukraine from August 2014 to August 2016 Colonel A. BYERDNIKOV served as commander of 60th separate infantry brigade (military unit 16871, Primorsky region) of 5th Army (Ussuriysk) of the Eastern military district (Khabarovsk) of Russian Armed Forces)," Intel report says.

Sidorov also reported that recently in Horlivka Russian air defense unit was noted. On photos he was shown Sidorov recognized AA officers of Russian 60th separate brigade: vice-colonel Sergei Tupychenko, Major Yuri Korchynsky, Major Alexei Kireev.

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As Intel reported earlier, in July of 2016 Kremlin moved to Donbas whole anti-aircraft missile battalion from the 60th brigade from Primorsky Krai. It included 168 officers and servicemen, 21 pieces of equipment (including AA-missile launchers "Tor-M2U"), and 30 trucks.

"The transfer of this unit led to increasing terrorist threats to air for all air objects, including civilian aircraft, like the notorious Russian terrorist act that led to the tragedy of the passenger aircraft of Malaysian Airlines MH-17 flight," Intel stresses.

Ukrainian Police and Security Service added details about the detained 35-year-old Moskvitch himself. They clarified, that he was wearing uniform of the Russian Armed Forces, armed with two fragmentation grenades and heavily drunk. On his shoulders he has tattoo with Russian Cossack and nazi symbols (SS scull drawing, Odal Rune, signs '1488" and "Gott mit uns").


During the counter-intelligence activities it was revealed, that the militant had been fighting in Donbas since 2015, before that he was on military service with Russian army in Chechnya, then served in Moscow criminal investigation department with the rank of police captain. He was also involved with Russian nationalist groups.

Earlier Ukrainian Intel named fifty Russian officers fighting as militants in Donbas and published their photos.

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