Yanukovych testimony on Euromaidan: Second Try: Yanukovych questioned over Maidan massacre (newsfeed)
Crime12:17 Nov. 28, 2016

Second Try: Yanukovych questioned over Maidan massacre (newsfeed)

The ousted president speaks to court via video link from Russia

19:23 We are closing this live newsfeed for today! Thank you for following us and keep up with our newest updates on Maidan massacre trials. 

19:21 Sviatoshyn court announces the current hearing finished

19:14 Rostov court agrees to hold a new interrogation on December 2

The new hearing will be held at 13:00 EET on December 2. The former internal troops commander Stanislav Shuliak will be questioned. 


18:57 The Sviatoshyn Court of Kyiv thanks the Rostov court for cooperation. 

Rostov judge proposes to continue interrogation until 22.00 Moscow time

18:55 Yanukovych refuses to tell how long has he been recognising himself as Ukraine's president

18:53 Yanukovych admits he had a conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin on February 20, 2014, two days before his fleeing Ukraine

However, he states he does not remember anything from this contact 

18:49 Yanukovych says the parliament ousted him in an unconstitutional way

He says Verhovha Rada lacked 10 votes to oust him from power and Ukraine's constitution provided no certain legislative mechanism

18:44 Yanukovych admits he might have been misled on Maidan events by his aides

18:41 Yanukovych tells the tale of a Crimean man who was beaten and tortured by alleged Ukrainian nationalists

He tells that after this the Crimea decided to hold a referendum to secede from Ukraine, not mentioning that Russian troops were already seizing the peninsula in late February 2014. 

18:33 Yanukovych says he does not know why he fled to Crimea initially.

Also, he noted that his security service might arranged escape to Crimea and Russia by itself. 

18:30 Yanukovych received calls and SMS messages from Russia and Crimea, but he says he cannot remember who was calling him

18:28 Videoconference renewed

18:25 Connection between Rostov and Kyiv was lost

18:24 The prosecutor asks Yanukovych whose Russian telephone number was the one he called on February 2014

18:21 Yanukovych refuses to answer question on what he was accounted for while calling on Russia to sent troops in Ukraine

18:17 Yanukovich avoids question on what he was doing being at Ukraine's highest office during the bloodiest hours of February 2014

He says every law enforcer knew his obligations and acted in accordance with them 

18:11 Yanukovych claims he fled Ukraine on February 24 via Crimea after visiting Ukraine top businessman Rinat Akhmetov's mansion in Donetsk

18:09 Yanukovych says he never refused the EU association agreement and accepted early presidential elections to end bloodshed in Ukraine

18:01 Svoboda, The Right Sector and an unnamed 'other oligarchical party' are mentioned by Yanukovych as the most radical powers of Maidan 

17:57 Yanukovych says negotiations with the opposition never seemed to lead to mass violence

He demands accusations against Maidan leaders again, says opposition used to say it had been unable to control radicals 

17:55 Yanukovych says the mass killings committed by the Berkut riot police on February 20 in the Institutska street was a 'total surprise' for him

17:52 Yanukovych says the police had tried to get to the snipers that were firing upon crowds in Maidan

But those snipers were being guarded by nationalistic radicals, he adds 

17:49 Yanukovych avoided the question on reasons the police had never tried to drive protesters out of administrative buildings in Kyiv

17:45 "I was being informed on every casualty among both protesters and law enforcers": Yanukovych

17:42 Yanukovych says he had never given any orders on Maidan crackdown or arming the riot police


17:37 The leader of Maidan bear responsibility for mass bloodbath in Kyiv in 2014 - Yanukovych

Maidan had seized power in an unconstitutional way, Yanukovych stressed

17:35 Yanukovych says demands of Maidan protests was expressed in agreement with opposition, and it was not fulfilled

17:29 Yanukovych explained his unwillingness to meet with the Maidan popular protesters

Ukrainian media used to disfigure his own policies on EU integration and his moves towards Maidan protesters

17:26 Suspension of the Ukraine-EU association agreement was right decision, no referendum was needed - Yanukovych

17:18 Yanukovych says on February 21, his cortege was being fired upon, but nobody was killed

On February 22, presidential bodyguard Petro Ivantsov was supposedly injured

17:16 Yanukovych avoided the question on his alleged order to withdraw troops from Kyiv

Instead of the reply, he started reading aloud his statement made after signing the ceasefire agreement in February 2014.


17:12 Yanukovych cannot remember the names of persons who were ordered to stop bloodshed on Maidan

17:10 Maidan protesters were being fired from locations under the opposition's control - Yanukovych

17:07 Yanukovych says he does not remember most of the events of February 20, 2014, the day of the fiercest clashes in central Kyiv


16:59 Yanukovych was being informed on casualties on January 24, 27, 30, 2014 and February 18, 19, 20, 2014 via phone. 


16:55 Yanukovych says he does now remember the exact number of casualties of Maidan crackdown

16:52 Yanukovych says he has never contacted with anyone inside Ukraine and abroad on Maidan crackdown.

16:11 Prosecution concludes questioning. Representatives of victims are the next to put questions.

Kyiv court announces 30-minutes break

16:07 Ex-president could not explain how he ended up in Russia, says his life was in danger so he proceeded to Crimea.

16:05 Yanukovych confirmed he met Akhmetov on February 22, 2014 in Donetsk to discuss "events in Ukraine"

16:00 Questioning continues, ex-president remembers very little 

15:39 Yanukovych denies having any contacts with Kremlin's aide Vladislav Surkov, known as a mastermind of Russia's strategy in Ukraine

Yanukovych: No contacts, no phone conversations with Surkov [Putin's aide on Ukraine] during Maidan.

Prosecutor: Did you know that he came to Ukraine several times?

Yanukovych: I got this information from media

15:32 Prosecutor: On the 19 Feb night Ukraine's former PM Mykola Azarov met Putin in Russia. Yanukovych does not know anything about the meeting as he was not in close contacts with Azarov at that time.

Prosecutor reports about at least two overnight conversations with Russia's Putin. Yanukovych again says he does not remember, advises to search this information on the presidential web-site.

15:20 Yanukovych says he was doing "nothing special" on February 20, 2014 when dozens of people were slaughtered in central Kyiv

15:15 "When people were dying on Maidan I immediately asked who did it, and the heads of law enforcement agencies reported to me. I was told that the fire came from opposition-controlled houses."

15:00 Yanukovych's lawyer reminds that his client is just a witness, protests sensitive questions

14:50 Full text of Yanukovych's suspicion note released

14:40 Yanukovych sticks firms to his line: he knows nothing, investigation should have found out who killed Maidan protesters but nothing has been done for the last 3 years.

14:28 Current Kyiv authorities are to blame for today's ‘civil war' in Ukraine, claims the ousted president echoing the official version of the Kremlin. Yanukovych says he did not order any forceful crackdown.

Watch live from Kyiv-Rostov courtrooms: Ukraine's ex-president Victor Yanukovych is being questioned as a witness in the case of Euromaidan killings which occurred in central Kyiv back in 2014.

14:22 Yanukovych says the head of his presidential administration, Serhiy Lyovochkin, could be behind the violent dispersal of student protesters on November 30, 2013 but he had no evidence of this.

14:08 The disgraced former president reflects on talks with opposition, meeting with students, argues he insisted on peaceful settlement all the way through the events in Kyiv. But all his efforts were hindered by "provocations". "I am convinced that people who stood on Maidan were not guilty. Radicals who manipulated them are to blame," Yanukovych stated.

14:00 Yanukovych says EU-Ukraine Association violated his country's national and economic interests. The Association deal was not rejected, but suspended, according to him. The ex-president blames provocations, provocateurs and biased media reporting for bloodshed in Kyiv. 

13:50 Yanukovych reads out an excerpt from research published in San Francisco. This document allegedly proves that all the events on the Independence Square were staged. The fugitive ex-president talks about the role of far-right and nationalist forces, argues Right Sector and Maidan self-defence forces had firearms, including sniper rifles.

13:45 Yanukovych says he handed to his lawyers all the chronology of events in Kyiv, from late 2013 through February 2014, comprising 3 bundles.

13:35 Victor Yanukovych, the twice-convicted felon, says he has no criminal record

13:32 Yanukovych takes witness stand, refuses to name his residential address in Russia's Rostov region

13:20 Court announced 15-minutes break

13:17 Ukraine's Prosecutor General grabbed an opportunity to address the fugitive ex-President, and declared Victor Yanukovych a suspect in treason

According to Lutsenko, it was not possible to do it otherwise, because Yanukovych is abroad and does not appear to prosecutors' summons.

The suspicion note was handed to the former president's lawyers who are present in Kyiv court today, the papers have also been sent to "all known addresses" of Yanukovych in Russia.

12:50 Defendants in the case, the five Berkut riot police, are brought up to the courtroom. That is according to Zoryan Shkirayk, an advisor to the Interior Minister. 

12:40 Disgraced Ex-President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has arrived in Russia's Rostov court to testify via video link in Euromaidan killings case. UNIAN correspondent reports tightened security measures around the court building, while journalists' interest has significantly decreased in comparison with his first, November 25, appearance.  

On November 28, Ukraine's fugitive ex-president Viktor Yanukovych is expected to appear again in a Ukrainian court via a video conference.

Yanukovych is set to be questioned as a witness in the case of Euromaidan killings which occurred in central Kyiv back in 2014.

The questioning was scheduled to take place on November 25, but it was adjourned several minutes after the start of the hearing, because the defendants were not present in court.

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Authorities were not able to transport from jail to court five Berkut riot police officers, accused of carrying out the shootings, as protesters from the Right Sector nationalist group blocked the route. Right Sector pledged more rallies on November 28.

Many in Ukraine are angry that Yanukovych, who fled Ukraine for Russia on Feb. 21, 2014 after more than 100 demonstrators were killed on Maidan square, is appearing as a witness and is not facing trial himself.

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