Russian purge in Donbas: Still purging: Russia arrests Luhansk separatists' "parliament speaker"

16:12 Oct. 5, 2016

Still purging: Russia arrests Luhansk separatists' "parliament speaker"

Alexey Karyakin, the militant 'parliament speaker' with the 'LPR' flag and Stalin bust on his table (Alexey Karyakin Facebook)

Russian security services continue massive purge of the militants' leaders in Donbas

One of the leaders of the Kremlin's puppet state "Luhansk Peoples Republic" Alexey Karyakin was arrested recently in Russia, a trustworthy Ukrainian media outlet 'Dzerkalo Tyzhnia' reports referring to its own informed source. Karyakin was known as "the head of the Parliament" of the Luhansk quasi-state.

"Karyakin was arrested two days ago in Rostov by Russian FSB. After that the Russian media wrote that he denied "Novorossia" and gave up to Ukraine," the source said. Having this he did not rule out the possibility, that FSB can kill Karyakin and then leave his body on the territory of Ukraine, with the aim of discrediting official Kyiv.

"We do not exclude that this is a special operation, but, above all, it aims to clean up Luhansk "elite", just as it recently happened to suddenly hanged "the head of the government." (Gennadiy Tsypkalov, who allegedly committed suicide after he was arrested – UT) However, it is possible that the aim of the special operation can be discrediting Ukraine and Karyakin, for example, can be found dead, even on Ukrainian territory," the source told.

In its turn SBU denied Russian media reports that Alexey Karyakin surrendered to Ukraine. The Security Service spokesperson Olena Hitlianska assured that Karyakin didn't gave up and by the latest data he stays out of Ukraine.

"He did not appeal to us, and according to our information, he is not in Ukraine," she said.

As UT reported, journalist and blogger from Donetsk Denys Kazanskyi told about the arrest of Luhansk ‘head of the National assembly' Alexei Karyakin, hiding from the purge in Russia, more than week ago. After that a lot of different media shared the screenshot from the alleged Karyakin Facebook page, where he told about his disappointment in Russia and defecting to Ukrainian side, but it seems to be false. No official information on the subject was given, even from current ‘LPR' leadership, busy with their own criminal showdown. Besides militants, the Russian high-ranking military official was killed in Luhansk, later he appeared to be the colonel of Putin's army. Another pro-Russian militant leader from eastern Ukraine was shot dead near Moscow


Pro-Russian militant leader from Eastern Ukraine shot dead near Moscow

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