: Suspected jihadi bomber in Brussels turned out to be a student (updated)

18:02 Jul. 20, 2016

Suspected jihadi bomber in Brussels turned out to be a student (updated)

Police confront a man during a security alert in Brussels (Photo: Caroline Bordecq/news.sky.com)

Brussels police carried out a major operation after a man was seen wearing winter coat with wires hanging out in Belgium capital

The suspect turned out to be a student of a local university. He claims he is researching radiation levels. Police claim his first reaction was not "normal", that is why they have decided to take extra measures. Moreover, the robot, used by the bomb squad, revealed metal plates underneath the man's coat. The suspect is now taken for questioning. 

After the man was found by police in the very center of Brussels, he was is surrounded and put on his knees. Two policemen kept their guns at his head. A bomb squad with a bomb disposal robot arrived at the scene. The streets around the incident place were sealed for several hours, traffic stopped and local shops and a library were evacuated.

 Reportedly, a man was first spotted by security guards. It is +32C in Brussels now, so the winter coat grabbed their attention.

The incident comes a day ahead of Belgium's national day, celebrated July 21st. The tension is high after the Nice attack that happened on France's national holiday. Earlier, thirty-five people were killed by a series of bombings at Brussels' Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek metro station in March.

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