: Terror in Munich: nine people dead, many injured, assailants are on the run (updated)

00:15 Jul. 23, 2016

Terror in Munich: nine people dead, many injured, assailants are on the run (updated)

A police officer walks outside the Olympia mall in Munich, southern Germany, Friday, July 22, 2016 after shots were fired.  (AP Photo)

Unknown number of attackers opened fire at a busy shopping mall in Munich

What we know so far:

-          At least 9 people dead, numbers are injured

-          Gunmen attacked people at 6 p.m. local time in a big shopping mall Olympia, near a McDonalds restaurant

-          People remain locked down inside shops

-          There were up to three attackers, they are not arrested yet

-          Emergency state has been imposed in Munich

A major police operation is under way. All available personnel in Bavaria and neighboring states are sent to Munich. German tabloid Bild says police from Austria are also being drafted.

People are asked to stay indoors. Police locked the city down, public transport is halted, main train station evacuated. Facebook activated Safety Check feature. Many people offer shelter through twitter. Mosques will stay open overnight for anyone who needs refuge.

Police say there is no indication of Islamist motive of the attack.

 German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who was on a flight to the United States for a holiday at the time of Friday's mall shooting in Munich, is interrupting his trip and heading home.

The USA and Great Britain condemn the attack and stand ready to assist German police.

This is the third major act of violence against civilians in Western Europe in eight days. 

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Previous attacks in France and Germany were claimed by the Islamic State militant group.

Read more Islamic State group claims responsibility for Nice truck attack

Flags are half-mast at the German embassy in Washington.


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