: Thousands of ducklings prevented from crossing Russia-Ukraine border

15:57 May. 8, 2016

Thousands of ducklings prevented from crossing Russia-Ukraine border

Muscovy Ducklings cross a street while foraging for food Monday, June 30, 2008 in Miami. (AP Photo)

Ukrainian smugglers caught attempting to haul live duck nestlings into the neighbouring country

Two men trying to smuggle 3.5 thousand of live ducklings into Russia were detained on Sunday night in Luhansk region, reports the press office of Ukraine's State Border Guard Service.

The culprits were caught near the border between the Ukrainian village Taniushivka and the Russian village of Novaya Serebryaka. The men had prepared 85 boxes with ducklings to be transported to the neighbouring country.

The estimated cost of the nestlings is 160 thousand hryvnias, or 6.4 thousand dollars.

The investigation is on-going, while the ducklings were transferred to representatives of Ukraine's Fiscal Service. 



Photos source: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

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