: Ukraine's chief MH17 expert survives assassination attempt
Crime15:31 Nov. 20, 2015

Ukraine's chief MH17 expert survives assassination attempt

Police suspect the attack could have been motivated by his professional activities

Ukraine's chief forensic expert on the most high-profile criminal cases has survived an assassination attempt when unidentified assailants attacked him in Kyiv on November 19.

Oleksandr Ruvin, Director of Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise at the Ministry of Justice, received a gunshot wound to his legs and was hospitalized.

Police have launched an investigation and suspect the attack could have been associated his professional activities.

Ruvin has played a key role in the investigation of the crash of Malaysian flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine in July 2014, and represented Ukraine in a number of international commissions, effectively exposing the manipulation attempts of Russian experts.

The conclusions of his expertise were taken as a basis by the Dutch investigative team, which has also received evidence sent by Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise.

Ruvin was previously lead expert into examinning the causes of the Ilovaisk battle, where at least 350 Ukrainian soldiers died being largely outnumbered by the enemy and coming under the direct fire while moving out of the area through a designated corridor.


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