Investigation of Sheremet's murder: Ukraine's chief prosecutor reports "significant progress" in Sheremet case

16:36 Aug. 10, 2016

Ukraine's chief prosecutor reports "significant progress" in Sheremet case

A man draped in a Ukrainian national flag stands at the coffin of Pavel Sheremet as colleagues and people gather to pay their respects at the memorial ceremony in Kiev, Ukraine, July 22, 2016 (AP photo)

Ukrainian-Belarusian journalist was killed in a car blast in Kyiv's centre on July 20

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said "significant progress" has been made in the investigation into the murder of Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet, who was killed in a car blast in Kyiv, where he lived, but the information is not public, according to a UNIAN correspondent.

"There is no information about the Sheremet case that can be made public. We've made significant progress in the investigation, but it cannot be disclosed to the public," Lutsenko announced at a briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday. Sheremet was killed in a car explosion in the center of Kyiv on July 20.

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Police are probing his death as a deliberate homicide.

The U.S. FBI is engaged in the investigation and its laboratories have taken samples of the chemicals used in the improvised explosive device planted under the journalist's car. More than 500 witnesses have already been interviewed in the Sheremet case.

Investigators are probing four theories behind the murder: professional activity, hostile private relations or personal motives, Russian angle (destabilization in Ukraine) or an attempt on the life of Ukrayinska Pravda founding editor Olena Prytula, who was Sheremet's partner and also used the same car.

Reporting by UNIAN


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