Police in action: Ukraine's cyber police shut down one of the biggest pirate movie websites
Crime17:55 Nov. 16, 2016

Ukraine's cyber police shut down one of the biggest pirate movie websites

Now, the owners of Fs.to site could be imprisoned for up to 8 years

Cyber police of Kyiv stopped the work of a pirated movie streaming website Fs.to.

Investigators have confiscated the servers located in Kyiv. They contain terabytes of audio and video content.

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Police have figured out that around 19 people are involved in the site's creation. They administered, maintained and uploaded content to the site.

The conducted expertise has already confirmed the damage to copyright holders about UAH 5 million.

The investigation has also found out a number of companies including an offshore one which were assisting to launder the money. The investigation is still underway however as there are reasons to claim the site's owners might be imprisoned up to 8 years.

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Serhiy Demediuk, head of cyber police department: We ceased the operation of those servers located in Ukraine. we are now cooperating with our foreign partners to block their other domains around the world.

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