Aggressive Euromaidan opponent Evgeniy Zhilin shot dead: Ukraine's Interior Ministry awaiting official confirmation on Zhilin's death
Crime17:54 Sep. 20, 2016

Ukraine's Interior Ministry awaiting official confirmation on Zhilin's death

Pro-Russian separatist Evgeniy Zhilin was gunned down yesterday entering a restaurant just outside Moscow

Ukraine's Interior Ministry is waiting for an official confirmation from Russia about Evgeniy Zhilin's death, a leader of the pro-Russian organization "Oplot" and a militant unit fighting in Donbas. His colleague Andrei Kozyrev, who accompanied him to the restaurant, was seriously injured and later hospitalized appears to be fighting for his life.

Russian media reported on Zhilin's murder yesterday evening. According to them, a gunman was laying in wait for his victim in the restaurant "Veterok". Police are assuming the killer was not a professional. Until the very last moment, he didn't seem to know about his target because he seemed to be waiting for a phone call to confirm his victim. Outside the restaurant, a car and a driver also appeared to be waiting for the gunman.

The latest version of his killing is said to be business motives.

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Evgeniy Zhilin was an aggressive Euromaidan opponent. With the start of Russian hybrid war in Ukrainian Donbas Zhilin's "Oplot" transformed into a Kremlin-backed military brigade. Ukrainian law enforcement organisations seek to detain Zhilin, blaming him for various crimes against Euromaidan supporters in Kyiv and Kharkiv. He is also on the international wanted list since July 2015.

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