War in Donbas continues besides the ceasefire: Ukraine suffers first heavy losses since the start of ceasefire

14:59 Sep. 10, 2016

Ukraine suffers first heavy losses since the start of ceasefire

Ukrainian soldier shows remnants of the Russian mortar mine after the fire raid (Photo by ATO HQ)

Ukrainian soldiers killed by explosive device while fortifying the position

Presidential administration speaker on Antiterrorist operation issues Col. Andriy Lysenko reported of first Ukrainian soldiers, killed in action on the frontline in Donbas since the ceasefire started on September, 1.

The accident happened on a previous day in the town of Maryinka near Donetsk. According to Lysenko, Ukrainian soldiers were fortifying the firing position while unknown blew up. Three soldiers were killed by the explosion, one more was wounded.

Earlier today Ukrainian military informed, that Russian proxies commenced massive recon in Donbas: 12 UAVs spottedUkrainian positions suffered 30 fire raids with different weapons, most of shootings were provocative. 

Also Col. Lysenko reported the confirmed losses of Russian-controlled forces during September 8-9. According to his data, 3 Russian mercenaries got killed and 8 were wounded during last two days. He specified, that two militants were injured by "friendly fire", and 2 more drowned along with their APC on the training.

Meanwhile, Russia sent to Donbas another batch of militants and ammunition for them, Andriy Lysenko added. Last day Kremlin sent two railway trains of fuel and military equipment (including self-propelled artillery and infantry fighting vehicles) and 80 mercenaries to the front in Luhansk region. 3 more trucks with personnel arrived to the Azov sea region near the town of Novoazovsk.

As Ukrainian officials informed earlier, Kremlin amassed 100,000 Russian troops in Crimea, Donbas and around Ukraine underthe pretext of the strategic military drills ‘Caucasus-2016'.

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