Ukrainian diplomat in Israel: Ukrainian official involved in drug scandal
Crime19:03 Sep. 2, 2016

Ukrainian official involved in drug scandal

Diplomat Anatoliy Pisarevskyi caught during supposed drug dealing in one of the Israeli prisons 

Ukrainian council Anatoliy Pisarevskyi in Israel reported involved in the drug scandal. According to the online edition ForumDaily, the diplomat was caught with 200 grammes of white powder sewed up in his track pants. The incident happened in the prison of Rimonim close to the city of Netanya.

The police report Pisarevsky allegedly planned to carry the substance inside the prison building for one of the Ukrainian detainees condemned for theft and robbery. By now it has been taken for chemical analysis, the results are expected on Sunday.

Ukraine's Ambassador to Israel Gennadiy Nadolenko said his colleague is no more than a victim of a frame-up. The diplomat is sure the family of imprisoned Ukrainian citizen deliberately made use of council's rank to pass the drugs to their relative.

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Pisarevskyi himself claims he got the package for the Ukrainian prisoner some minutes before entering the prison building. He also stresses it is a diplomatic duty to care for Ukrainian citizens in trouble.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has already confirmed the detention of the council. According to the Spokesperson of the Ministry Mariana Betsa, Pisarevskyi has already been released. The investigation is underway.

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