: Ukrainian pilot sentenced to 12 years for spying for Russia

10:13 Jun. 24, 2016

Ukrainian pilot sentenced to 12 years for spying for Russia

A Ukrainian air force Su-27 fighter jet (AP Photo)

After being exposed, the man was stripped of his Major rank 

A Ukrainian court has sentenced a local pilot to 12 years in prison. The man has been accused of spying for Russia and providing Russian military with information, classified as State secrets. This is according to a statement, published by Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office on June 23, 2016.

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"It is established that the Major deliberately gave full information to Russian reps on the surveillance flight, conducted by Ukrainian jet. This information allowed Moscow to plan the counter-measures, which reduced the efficiency of the flight", the officials said.

During the flight the accused pilot refused to obey orders and decided to deviate from the planned route. As the prosecutors claimed, the serviceman had attempted to establish contact with unidentified men and tried to reach Russian borders.

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However, after failing to do that, he was forced to land the jet and surrender to the Ukrainian law enforcers. His unsuccessful treason resulted in him being stripped of his military rank by the court.

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