Donbas war: Ukrainian troops repel militant attack near Horlivka, casualties on both sides
Crime15:08 Oct. 31, 2016

Ukrainian troops repel militant attack near Horlivka, casualties on both sides

Russian proxies assaulted Ukrainian position, the battle lasted about 50 minutes 

Russian proxies are attacking all over the frontline in Donetsk region, spokesman of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Col. Andriy Lysenko told at the today's briefing,.

The most powerful enemy shelling from the Donetsk direction traditionally held in the town of Avdiyivka. It lasted 4 hours continuously, mortars and light weapons were used.

In the twilight militants commenced infantry attack on the village of Verkhniotoretske. Assault was preceded by mortar shelling and lasted about 50 minutes, after that attackers were forced to retreat.

Press officer of the "Donetsk" defensive sector Oleksandr Zavtonov told 112 TV channel that militant reconnaissance group was halted whilst trying to get closer to Ukrainian positions.

"They have received a fitting rebuff, suffered losses, and retreated," press officer stressed.

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The battle costed Ukrainian army with 1 soldier killed. with 8 more Ukrainian troops were injured in this and other clashes.

On other directions Russian proxies held fire raids using mortars and armour. In general militants commenced 17 attacks in Donetsk area during the last 24 hours, 8 of them – with heavy weapons.

Also there are no quiet areas on the front in the Mariupol direction. The most intense fighting continued here as in previous days, the militants actively used mortar and infantry fighting vehicles. 31 attacks reported, including 9 with heavy weapons.

Lugansk area saw only five militant attacks, 4 of them commencing with heavy weapons, including 122mm artillery.


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Col. Lysenko also released information about heavy losses for the Russian proxies, suffering "because of their aggressive and reckless tactics".

"On October, 26th 20 dead bodies of invaders were brought to the morgue in Donetsk, mainly from the so-called "100th Brigade" of the Russian occupational forces," speaker stated.

In the meantime, Kremlin continues supporting the separatists. Col. Lysenko informed about 2 echelons of military equipment, 13 rail tankers of fuel, 7 train carriages with ammunition and 1 with winter uniforms, which arrived in militant-held territory from Russia in the last few days.

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