: Unidentified person reported to have seen potential killers of Sheremet
Crime18:45 Aug. 5, 2016

Unidentified person reported to have seen potential killers of Sheremet

Police call on the potential witness to provide evidence for further investigation

An unidentified witness might have seen the potential murderers of Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sheremet.

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National Police unveiled new details of the investigation into the case.

Sheremet died on July 20th in a car blast. Having thoroughly studied the recordings made by the neighbouring video surveillance cameras, the investigators found out there have been two people passing the house of Sheremet.

It is them who are supposed to have planted the bomb underneath his car. Recently the police officers have found a new video file allegedly showing a third person to be on the crime scene. He or she must have seen those suspected in the murder.


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The investigators call the potential witness to contact the police.

Dmytro Golovin, head of the criminal department of national police: "There has been a witness. Unfortunately we have not identified him or her by now. We call upon the consciousness of this person and ask to call the police hotline or the regular number 102. The evidence the potential witness may provide will be of a great use for the investigation."


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