Donbas war: Volunteer recon discover Russian armour in ‘demilitarised' area (photos)

13:03 Oct. 10, 2016

Volunteer recon discover Russian armour in ‘demilitarised' area (photos)

Aerial photo of Russian armour and military trucks hidden in 'demilitarised area' in Donbas (by SevBat / Facebook)

Intel claims Russian armour hidden in the vicinity of Ukrainian settlements

Ukrainian volunteer aerial reconnaissance unit, known as Special Service Battalion ‘Sever' (‘North' in Russian) published the photos of Russian armour, hidden in some industrial area. Volunteers claim, that pictures were taken in one of the zones of current disengagement of forces. It means they are talking about the areas of village Zolote or Petrivske, because scheduled for yesterday withdrawal of forces from the Stanytsia Luhanska have failed.

Commenting the pictures, which they called ‘a motivator for the upcoming working week for all who believe in demilitarization', they wrote: "Why do we need demilitarization on the territories in the zone of combat activity? So that terrorists could freely expand their bases of supply and equipment maintenance in the immediate vicinity of peaceful Ukrainian settlements."

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Volunteers addressed OCSE monitors: "People are waiting for answers from you on two questions: "What the f... are they doing there?" and "Whether or not you can be the guarantor of the agreement implementation?" We have a lot of similar material. Quite a lot to draw up conclusions. You – OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine – we believe also have no illusions about the quality of implementation of the so-called arrangements by "gentlemen" from beyond the "porebrik" (Russians – UT)."

The photos show some infantry fighting vehicles (BMPs), armored personnel carriers (BTRs) and military trucks in some industrial area, hidden behind the fences. Some of the vehicles are disassembled, but most of them seem battle ready, and one even staying in fortified position. 

As we reported, earlier volunteers reported about the discovery of Russian tanks hidden in Donetsk and self-propelled howitzers near the frontline in Donbas.

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