Euromaidan investigation: ‘We will use Hague to get Ukraine officials hiding in Russia' (video)

12:16 Nov. 16, 2016

‘We will use Hague to get Ukraine officials hiding in Russia' (video)

Memorial for Maidan activists or 'Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred', who were killed on the Maidan during anti-government protests, February 17, 2016 (GettyImages Photo)

Ukrainian lawyer Markiyan Halabala on investigation into murders of Euromaidan activists

Individuals, responsible for the murders of the Euromaidan activists, are hiding in Russia, and Ukraine seeks to use the International Criminal Court to force them to stand trial.

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This is reported by Ukrainian lawyer, involved in the Euromaidan case, Markiyan Halabala in an interview with Ukraine Today.

‘Since the top officials, who are really responsible for all the murders here, are in Russia, we are going to use this instrument (the International Criminal Court – UT) to extradite them from Russia', Mr. Halabala told Ukraine Today.

The lawyer explained, to begin the procedure of bringing the responsible in for a trial, the investigators will need an order from a prosecutor of The Hague International Criminal Court.

The investigation into the murders of the Euromaidan protesters, known as the Heavenly Hundred is ongoing and no verdict has been delivered as of yet. Still, there is a strong belief in Ukraine, that former top officials, including the ousted President Yanukovych and ex-Minister of the Interior Zakharchenko were behind the murders.

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Both of them are beening sheltered by the Kremlin.

Halabala and other attorneys met with the ICC mission last month and gave it's evidence about the murders. 

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