: Yanukovych's extradition impossible – lawyers

17:47 May. 18, 2016

Yanukovych's extradition impossible – lawyers

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on February 21, 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine (Getty Images)

Ukraine's former President tells his version of Maidan massacre

The lawyers of the ousted Ukraine's President say the extradition of Viktor Yanukovych to Ukraine is impossible because Interpol has removed him from the wanted list.

According to UNIAN information agency, this was stated during the press-conference in Kyiv by Vitaliy Serdiuk, a defence lawyer of the runaway Ukraine's president.

"Concerning the official procedure of extradition…Currently there is no official procedural provision to extradite Yanukovych to Ukraine because Interpol has deleted the Red Notices and removed him from the wanted list", Serdiuk stated.

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On April 11 ex-President of Ukraine met with his lawyers in Moscow. He provided a written explanation on shootings at Kyiv's Independence Square in 2014. Viktor Yyanukovych, who fled right after the mass killings, is trying to persuade that the Interior Ministry Troops and the officers of the "Berkut" special police force were not killing people, but carrying out their duties and showing their devotion to Ukraine.

He added that the society is being persuaded now that killings at Euromaidan were directed by state authorities of that time. "The tragedy cannot be transformed into farce. What happened on Maidan will never be forgotten by Ukrainians. But people from one side as well as law enforcement officers from the other suffered", he said.

Yanukovych explained his meeting with lawyers as an intent to cooperate with the Ukrainian investigators. The 'legitimate president' said he is ready to have a Skype interrogation, but will not come to Ukraine as he considers it dangerous.


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