: All things varenyky: A festival dedicated to Ukraine's national dish
Entertainment19:20 May. 23, 2016

All things varenyky: A festival dedicated to Ukraine's national dish

Chernihiv region locals say their varenyky are the tastiest in the country

A staple in the Ukrainian cuisine. Varenyky, otherwise known as pierogies in the western world, are front and centre this weekend in the city of Pryluky located in Chernihiv region of Ukraine. This is where a festival that showcases the dumplings in all their glory takes place every year.

One of the biggest streets in Pryluky turns into Varenyky boulevard during the time of the event. The festival is not only about the food - music, dance and even plays are also a vital part of this annual tradition. However, tasting varenyky is why most people come here.

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This national Ukrainian dish comes in a variety of flavours from savoury filled with cottage cheese and potatoes to sweet fillings of cherries and apples.

Pryluky mayor says varenyky here are truly special.

Olena Popenko, Pryluky Mayor: "They're all delicious! Cheese, mushrooms, potatoes - whatever the flavour. They're tasty because they are made with love."

One of the highlights of the event is the varenyky eating contest. Each contestant has to eat ten dumplings in record time. This year's winner says she didn't expect a win but was happy to enjoy a great meal. Organisers say no one was left hungry at the festival.

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