Discovering Ukraine: Awesome Lviv: new English-language travel guide
Entertainment19:01 Nov. 16, 2016

Awesome Lviv: new English-language travel guide

Every Ukrainian knows that Lviv is awesome. Now we tell about this in English - in fresh and intriguing manner

Creative, modern and funny. This is the new English-language travel guide to Awesome Lviv. It is the third printing of the book. Authors have already published Awesome Kyiv and Miraculous Ukraine. Yet, they say tourists are not interested in heaps of hay, cossack trousers and pysankas any more. So, they decided to write about something intriguing and attractive. Like, did you know that Mozart's son lived in Lviv?

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The cover shows coffee - the drink, extremely popular in the city. Meanwhile, guide authors also want to tell you about local history, culture, technologies, sport, nature and cuisine. Lviv cheesecake, Stepan bandera, Shevchenkivsky grove, rise of the hippie culture, cycle track of the Army Sport Club are totally unknown for tourists, not naming the abandoned cinema Orlyatko - the new guide has hundreds of names and historical facts, associated with Lviv. 

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The texts of the guide were written by two Lvovians, who also proposed objects-symbols that should be mentioned. The book has lots of jokes, because such a style would be appreciated by visitors - the authors say.

"We have launched a totally different format of books that you can read about Lviv with love, humor and irony.
 When foreigners recieve such books, they see how awesome Lviv is - they want to visit and they will know that Lviv is not just a black dot on a map, it is an interesting, fashionable place where anyone can visit," - says Dana Pavlychko, author of several tourist guides. 

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Dana Pavlychko was inspired to create a series of tourist guides by world-famous opera singer Vasyl Slipak, who was killed on the front line in eastern Ukraine. During the guide presentation, his brother Orest says - the guide is as European and modern, as Lviv itself.

The publishers of Awesome Lviv already plan to print and reissue it and add even more city symbols. Right now the publishing house prepares the guides for Odesa, Dnipro and Kharkiv.

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