: 'Diamond' Easter Egg appears in Kyiv (photo gallery)

16:30 May. 2, 2016

'Diamond' Easter Egg appears in Kyiv (photo gallery)

'Brilliant' Easter Egg appears in Kyiv (UNIAN Photo)

May 1 marks Easter, the biggest Christian feast for Eastern Rite Christians

To mark Orthodox Easter, a huge 'diamond' pysanka (a hand-decorated Easter egg) was installed in Ukraine's capital, near the ancient Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (one of the best-known historical attractions in the country, also known as the Monastery of the Caves).

The egg is 3.5 metres high, and its 'shell' decorated with 15,000 mirror units, lined liked mosaics.

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On May 1, Ukraine and Eastern Europe celebrated Orthodox Easter, or Paskha (in Ukrainian). This celebration is somewhat different from the Catholic holidays in the West. On the Easter day people greet each other with words: 'Christ is risen!'. The traditional response is 'Truly He is risen!'

Just like in the Catholic countries, eggs have a very important part in the solemn feast organised for the holiday. They are usually painted in different colours and consecrated in church during the divine service. Egg tapping game is also common in Ukraine.

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The name pysanka comes from the Ukrainian word ‘to write' - pysaty. During Soviet times, the art was considered a religious act - and banned. But since Ukraine's Independence in 1991, the eggs have seen a revival - and its hoped will be preserved for future generations to come.

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