Eurovision 2017: Eurovision opening ceremony venue revealed

19:02 Sep. 21, 2016

Eurovision opening ceremony venue revealed

Saint Sophia Cathedral (Source:

Eurovision committee decided on where the red carpet and welcoming ceremony will be held

The red carpet, where delegations of all countries will walk before the start of the competition, will be placed at Sofiyska square in the very heart of Kyiv. It will lead the guests to the ceremony location itself, and it is quite a surprise. The opening ceremony will be held inside a cathedral complex of Sofiyskyi sobor (Saint Sophia Cathedral). 

Big screens will be placed at the square, so all the fans will have a possibility to see what is going on behind the walls of Sophia. 

One more place for Eurovision is Euroclub. It is the official location where closed parties for countries' delegations take place. They are organized after rehearsals and shows. Ukrainian Euroclub will be hosted in exhibition center Parkovy. 

The opening ceremony will be held six days before the final competition. 

The cathedral is an outstanding architectural monument of Kievan Rus', built in 11th century by Kievan prince Yaroslav Mudry.608xXAlmost 700 years later it was renovated in unique Ukrainian baroque style. Inside the cathedral, you will find the largest ensemble of 11th-century mosaics and fresco paintings in the world as well as fragments of 17-18th-century murals. Saint Sophia cathedral is considered a museum, not a church. The only day when religious service is allowed - is August 24th being Ukraine's Independence Day, and different religious confessions pray for Ukraine. Moscow patriarchate of Orthodox church refused t take part in this service. 


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