Ukrainian folk garments at German Octoberfest parade: German Oktoberfest with Ukrainian flavour
Entertainment18:33 Sep. 21, 2016

German Oktoberfest with Ukrainian flavour

Ukrainians took part in Munich's international costumes parade for the first time

Oktoberfest 'dressed' in Ukrainian vyshyvankas. For the first time, Ukrainians took part in a large-scale parade of national costumes parade in Munich. Amongst traditional Bavarian dresses and leather pants, there were vyshyvankas from Central Ukraine and the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Ukrainian costumes were worn in the dances. The majority of participants formed part of the only Ukrainian folk dance troupe in Germany.

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Plakhta, Ukrainian national female dress; zhupan, Ukrainian national outer garment; and postoly, which were popular shoes in Ukraine before the 20th century, they are all ordered from designers and manufacturers living in the Carpathians.

"Grandmothers from the Carpathians sit at home and tailor them for us", Andriy Spiekh, head of the dance troupe, said

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The international costumes parade traditionally takes place right after the opening of Oktoberfest . Those, who want to take part in the event have to apply a couple of years before. The rules are very strict here. Participants of the march have to walk exactly 104 steps per minute.

The march down the Bavarian streets is full of people of any occupation - mine workers, steel makers, bakers, beer brewers. They proudly demonstrate their professional outfit crafted with attention to smallest details.

Spectators are highly excited. It is not just a march. it's also a dance.

"It's amazing. A very dynamical show".

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"We were applauded so much, it was so great. We are all impressed and have no words to describe everything", Andriy Spiekh, head of the dance troupe, said

"We were warmly welcomed. I didn't expect it", Viktoriya Hlavatska, participant of the parade, said

From now on, dances will continue at Oktoberfest with German beer and sausages.

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