Eurovision in Ukraine: Jamala's new video clip presented
Entertainment19:14 Sep. 22, 2016

Jamala's new video clip presented

Aliens occupied an earthlings' tribe. This is the plot of a new video clip "1944" for Jamala who won the Eurovision song contest 2016 with this song. Today is the official premiere of the video

The clip was filmed at an abandoned military base in the Carpathian mountains at 1500 meter above sea level. Initially, the director planned to create a wonderland with beautiful landscapes. But suddenly, on the day the shooting should start, the weather drastically changed.

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In the middle of summer, on all three days whilst shooting, the temperature did'nt rise higher than 8 degrees, plus, the rain never stopped. Nevertheless, Jamala realized - this was what they needed to show.... the true oppressive atmosphere would come over in the song.

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Jamala explained that all the authors of the video clip agreed not to show the deportation of Crimean Tatars. The reason is that this song is not only about the Crimean Tatars tragedy but about all the people who fight the aliens. 


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