Music in Kyiv: Japanese composer is to perform with Ukrainian teens
Entertainment18:40 Nov. 4, 2016

Japanese composer is to perform with Ukrainian teens

Jazz, rock and classics all rolled into one melody. Japanese composer Tempei Nakamura is in Kyiv to play with two local child prodigies

Tempei Nakamura, a composer from Japan, meets a boy and a girl at Kyiv park. The kids are just 14 years old, but have already played violin to Prince Harry and diplomats in Carnegie Hall in New York.

They discuss about the weather in Japan and Ukrainian music.

"Young Ukrainian musicians are more vivid than Japanese ones, they have more passion, more organic attitude towards music", - Tempei Nakamura explains his interest.

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The rehearsal starts. Japanese maestro does not use either music sheets or a music stand.

"I can use much more passion and imagination if I play without music sheets, just from my head. It is much easier to improvise like that", - says Tempei Nakamura

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The composer calls his music a composition of jazz, rock, and classics. the rhythms change from constantly soft sounds to rough sounds. 

Tetyana and Illya try as hard as they can. Soon they will travel to Japan and perform together with Tempei Nakamura. The teens show off their varied talents by playing different melodies.

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