: Magical Ukrainian fairy tale comes to life in America
Entertainment17:44 May. 6, 2016

Magical Ukrainian fairy tale comes to life in America

Lesya Ukrainka's 'Forest Song' is now a computer game 

The 'Forest Song', a mythical fairy tale by one of Ukraine's most popular poets, comes to life.

The game is set to be released in about a year and a half. All the characters of Lesya Ukrayinka's famed 'Forest Song' will have a specific role in the game and a mission too. And the American creators say there's another bonus to the beloved Ukrainian story turning into a computer game - the characters will speak Ukrainian.

Dima Veryovka, 'The Forest Song' co-creator: "The game will be in Ukrainian, all the dialogues and conversations between characters too. That's our main goal - to make it fully in Ukrainian and then translate the game to other languages."

The creators of the forest song picked one of the best-known Ukrainian bands Dakha Brakha for the soundtrack.

Dima Veryovka, 'The Forest Song' co-creator: "We all went to the concert here in Seattle. The guys were truly amazed by the combination of traditional music and modern sound. We met with the band and they got truly excited over the idea, they promise to make something incredible."

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Dima Veryovka hails from Odesa. He's well known in the U.S. for creating the very popular 'Never Alone' game. He now wants to follow up on the success of his previous work with 'The Forest Song'.

Dima worked with Sean Vesce on the game. Both agree this was an ambitious project that turned out to be much deeper than first thought

Sean Vesce, 'The Forest Song' co-creator: "We went to western Ukraine and imagine we're in the middle of a tiny village and locals are cooking our dinner. We ate together, listened to folk fairytales. The Ukrainians basically explained to us why the "Forest Song" characters acted one way and not the other."

Dima and Sean say they're now at a point where they need people who truly know Ukrainian heritage and history. People who speak fluent English and are ready to tell the world more about Ukraine.

Natalka Pisnya, from Seattle, Washington, for Ukraine Today.

Cover photo courtesy of Colabee Studios

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