Kyiv supremacism: Malevich and Ukraine: bringing the artist back to the nation

18:28 Nov. 11, 2016

Malevich and Ukraine: bringing the artist back to the nation

“Malevich: beyond the canvas” exhibition, November 11, 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine (UATODAY/Emil Durov)

The exhibition "Malevich: beyond the canvas" makes it clear - Malevich is not Russian, but a Ukrainian artist

 Second Floor Art Centre at еру Ukraine Presidential administration displays famous Malevich paintings completed in 3D form, going beyond original artistic vision. This manner of depiction represents paintings as design units; the concept of design hadn't existed at the beginning of XX century, and the avant-garde works by Malevich were innovative.

The exhibition was hosted at Presidential administration with the reason - the Ukrainian government supports the plan of making Malevich known to the whole world as a national artist. There is an ongoing Malevich nationality dispute with some historians claiming that Malevich is not Ukrainian, but either Russian or Polish artist.


Malevich was born in Kyiv. Dmytro Gorbachev, the art historian, says that Malevich is one of the most famous Kyiv residents. Even though Malevich is important for Ukraine, there is still no museum dedicated to the artist and Ukrainian avant-garde, that's why Malevich activists are now working on a number of projects such as museum creation, documentary movie production and books release.

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The exhibition has an idea – to find a special genome of supremacism, which will help to understand the nature of avant-garde paintings. As a master of abstractionism, Malevich was thoughtful of every element of any painting which would create balance. Each figure in the picture has its function and role: the ideas of balance and weightlessness dominated the art of Malevich.


None of Malevich's students could beat the master and produce paintings with the sense of weightlessness, says Tatiana Filevska, a culture activist and Malevich researcher. In the artistic world, Malevich is known as the father of supremacism. Most of the supremacism works by Malevich don't have bottom and high parts in their composition, and they can be turned upside down preserving balance and weightlessness.

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