Ukrainian Beauties: Miss Ukraine 2016 already holds her crown of the winner
Entertainment10:01 Sep. 6, 2016

Miss Ukraine 2016 already holds her crown of the winner

25 girls were competing for the title of Miss Ukraine 2016

There are 25 hopefull contestants. All young, beautiful and talented. Each having dreams of wearing the coverted crown of Miss Ukraine. However, only one will earn the chance.

For a couple of weeks, 25 beauties from all over Ukraine have been preparing for the contest to become the 'Beauty of Ukraine 2016.' From twilight till midnight they train in gyms, participate in photo sessions, workshops and charitable projects. They barely sleep and maintain their diets. They have spent the whole of last week in constant rehearsals.

Members of the award panel say they appraise not only a natural beauty, but also their personality and intellect. However, when 18-year old Oleksandra Kucherenko from the city of Dnipro, who is currently enrolled in journalism studies in Kyiv, couldn't remember the name of Ukraine's prime minister, the judges were easy on it.

Eventually, Oleksandra Kucherenko became the triumphant holder of the title 'Miss Ukraine.'

The winner says she 's been dreaming of this moment for an eternity.

Oleksandra Kucherenko, Miss Ukraine 2016: "As it turned out, number '13' seemed really lucky. I was surprised, and didn't expect this victory. But I had a feeling about it because everything was going well on my way to the victory".

Miss Ukraine title is just a first step for her towards a greater goal - Miss World.

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