Ukraine to host Eurovision contest: More Improvement Needed: Potential Eurovision host cities eliminate drawbacks to win
Opinion16:42 Aug. 5, 2016

More Improvement Needed: Potential Eurovision host cities eliminate drawbacks to win

The contest organizers gave time to finalists to make improvements to host Eurovision

Viktoria Romanova, the curator of Eurovision song contest in Ukraine and deputy head of the National TV Company of Ukraine (NTU), joined UT to talk about the Eurovision preparation, host city selection, and event financing.

A host city should have been announced on July 27, after a month-long Battle of Cities competition. However, it was postponed indefinitely.

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Viktoria Romanova explained that the organising committee, which includes the European Broadcasting Union representatives, decided to give additional tasks to the finalists so that they can improve their situation. Choosing the city and venue is the most important moment in Eurovision preparation.

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"The choice of the host city is probably a key decision of the whole Eurovision. This verdict is too important and too crucial to take it in a rush. That's why, it was a joint ruling of the European Broadcasting Union, organisational committee, and NTU to take more time. We have this time, we have the right to take it in order to receive additional information, additionally fulfilled tasks from the cities, work on it and come up with 100 percent right decision", Romanova said.  

Financing of the contest will not pose a problem to Ukraine because it will include different funding sources, like sponsorship, city investment, state guarantees etc.

"The sources of financing will be the state budget, co-financing by the host city, payment from the European Broadcasting Union and sponsorship sources", the Eurovision curator explained. 



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