Ukrainian Festival in Riga: Music festival "Made in Ukraine" kicks off in Latvia
Entertainment18:43 Jul. 23, 2016

Music festival "Made in Ukraine" kicks off in Latvia

Some Russian artists are banned from entry in the light of of E.U. sanctions

Ukrainian TV and music stars conquer Latvia.

Cultural festival "Made in Ukraine" has started in the capital city of Riga and famous sea resort Yurmala. Numerous Ukrainian singers and comedy performers are set to present Ukraine to the visitors. The local residents say they are delighted to welcome Ukrainians.

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Yurmala used to be a site of Russian music holidays for more than a decade. The young singer's contest "New Wave" changed its location after Russia has started its undeclared war against Ukraine.

A good deal of Russian artists previously coming to Yurmala are now banned from entering the EU due to European sanctions.

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