: Quest rooms enjoying extreme popularity among Ukrainians
Entertainment18:12 Jul. 21, 2016

Quest rooms enjoying extreme popularity among Ukrainians

Deciphering texts, preventing alien attack, escaping from maize labyrinth, and many other options offered to visitors

Quest rooms gain incredible popularity among Ukrainians. Finding a nuclear bomb, avoiding the aliens' landing, or escaping from the labyrinth is just a part of the tasks offered to the visitors.

This room is said to have belonged to a famous mathematician seeking a nuclear bomb. The visitors have to decipher calculations and figure out the precise roundabouts of an imaginary enemy.

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Open-air quests are also on the list. To complete the mission based on the plot of "X-files" series the participants are set to have basic knowledge of chemistry and electronic coding.

The most spacious though is the quest on the maize corn field stretching for 40 hectares. The area contains 16 checkpoints that are to be found for the mission. Although the visitors are provided with a map, most of them say they got lost at least once while doing the tasks. Some of them even take a dog to find the right way.

The organizers of the quest say they have planted the corn in April. Now the stalks are already 2 metres high. From above the field shape resembles a trident - Ukraine's national symbol.   

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