RC boat race took place in Bukovel: Radio controlled sailboat regatta in Ukrainian Carpathians
Entertainment14:41 Oct. 12, 2016

Radio controlled sailboat regatta in Ukrainian Carpathians

Participants say it's harder to drive mini-boats than real sailboats

The European Cup final race of radio controlled (RC) sailboats took place on the lake of the tourist resort center "Bukovel", western Ukraine.

Even though the competition was fierce and spectacular, the regatta itself was happening in total silence. Sportsmen say such radio regattas are more of mental sports, similar to chess playing.

The type of boats at the Cup is Marblehead RC Model Sailboats, the oldest in the history of this sports competition. The participants explain that it's harder to drive RC boats comparing to real sailboats.

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Tymur Kishubaiev, event organizer, participant: Races are fast. If a captain of a big yacht has up to 5 mins for a maneuver, we have only 5 secs.

Sportsmen remotely look for wind, try to avoid crashing into others or turning over their yacht. They also choose the appropriate speed for them. Before placing their boats on water, they fix sails taking into account wind intensity.

The regatta takes place in Ukraine for the first time. And the lake in the Western Ukrainian Carpathians have all conditions for this competition, starting from a clear lake bottom to convenient geographical location, which is good for foreign racers.

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