Sound of Ukrainian trembita: Record-breaking trembita concert rings out in Ukraine's Carpathians
Entertainment17:54 Sep. 7, 2016

Record-breaking trembita concert rings out in Ukraine's Carpathians

International Hutsul Festival brings together dozens of trembita players

A new record was set in Ukraine when 56 trembitas, the Ukrainian national alpine horns, were simultaneously played at the XXIII International Hutsul Festival in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.

The youngest member of the ensemble is only 6, while the most senior one has already turned 80.

Hutsuls, the local highlanders, say that the Carpathian soul lives in trembitas. The music instrument was traditionally used to announce the key events in the lives of mountain dwellers, such as births, deaths and weddings.

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Trembita is the world's longest wind instrument. Its length can reach up to 8 meters; they  say, the sound of trembita can be heard at a distance of 10 kilometers.




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