News from Ukraine: Exploring Ukraine: Welcome to Berdyansk, one of country's seven wonders
Entertainment18:01 Jul. 25, 2016

Exploring Ukraine: Welcome to Berdyansk, one of country's seven wonders

Berdyansk is set to compete for Ukraine's TOP-7 tourist cities

'Seven Ukrainian wonders' are to be chosen among a whole range of provincial towns.

21 Ukrainian towns and villages have been selected to the final list. The top-seven is to be defined through Internet-voting until September. The first one to tell about is the town of Berdyansk in Zaporizhya region in southern part of the country.

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It is said to resemble numerous architectural compositions in different parts of Ukraine. The residents of Berdyansk themselves say their hometown has its own authentic spirit.

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The main tourist attraction is hidden in Berdyansk downtown, once containing a synagogue, a Karaite church of kenasa, a Roman-catholic temple, and a kirk. The latter is the only one left, that is why the locals are proud to tell its story.

Artur Kozhevnikov, head of Berdyansk's German Community: "This Lutheran church had to be in another place. But once the city mayor decided to build it here, so the whole German community moved to be closer."

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Except for the churches Berdyansk is famous for its sea resorts. Situated on the coast of the sea of Azov it is said to have a piece of Black sea as well, that is, the paintings of a famous marine artist Ayvazovsky. 


Berdyansk coastline (UNIAN Photo) 

Berdyansk residents are eager to show their zoo. Though being of the newest in Ukraine, the zoo of Berdyansk has as many animals as its Kyiv analogue.
This lion cub is only one month old, but already scratches everything and everyone on its way. And here is a chimpanzee Sonya, eagerly copying human gestures. 

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Berdyansk Zoo (UNIAN Photo)

This year Berdyansk anticipates 1,5 million tourists to come during the vacation period. The city authorities cannot wait to check if the trend really works, for at least one third of Berdyansk budget consists of the incomes from tourist business.

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