Kateryna Day: St Kateryna Day - holiday long anticipated by Ukrainian girls

12:05 Dec. 7, 2016

St Kateryna Day - holiday long anticipated by Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian girls tell fortunes on St Kateryna Day (UNIAN)

Today, all the single ladies have a chance to find out if their love life will be happy or not

Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Great Martyr Kateryna on December 7. It is the greatest and most famous Christian holiday for females in the country, as Kateryna is a patron of brides and grooms. On this day, girls read fortunes hoping to find out if their marriage will be a happy one. Pregnant women ask for easy childbirth.

Numerous rituals for fortune telling were used on this day, but the most famous is the one with a cherry tree branch. On the very day of the holiday, girls go to the garden and cut off a cherry tree twig, put it in a bottle with water and wait till Melanka's Day, which is on New Year's Eve. If cherry blossom appears on the branch, it means that a girl's fate will be happy; if the branch dies, it is a bad sign for a maiden.


Even though the holiday is considered a female one, young men also cared about it – before the holiday, they fasted with the hope that God would send them a good wife.

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