St Nicholas residence: St Nicholas now resides in Cossack village (photos)

18:17 Dec. 8, 2016

St Nicholas now resides in Cossack village (photos)

The main residence of St Nicholas in Kyiv (UNIAN)

The main residence of St Nicholas is now open in Kyiv

All residents in Kyiv can now feel the festive winter atmosphere at the main residence of Saint Nicholas in Mamayeva Sloboda. Moreover, children and adults can ask the miracle-worker to make their wishes come true. The post office is also working on the territory of the residence - anyone can come and write a letter to their favorite Saint.

Ukraine celebrates the Day of Saint Nicholas on December 19. The religious figure is an inspiration for such fictional characters as Santa Claus and Father Frost. When Ukraine became part of the Soviet Union, Saint Nicholas was substituted with Father Frost.

According to Ukrainian tradition, Saint Nicholas brings gifts to well-behaved children. Kids leave their shoes at night and in the morning they find small gifts there.

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Saint Nicholas was a real historical figure, Nicholas of Myra, who was a 4th-century Greek bishop from the community of Myra, in Asia Minor.

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Mamayeva Sloboda is a territory in Kyiv, which re-enacts Ukrainian settlements of the Cossack era. Mamayeva Sloboda takes its name after a famous character of Ukrainian folklore, Cossack Mamay.

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