The cat called Cupcake won the competition: The heaviest cat in Ukraine chosen in Kyiv
Entertainment18:09 Oct. 11, 2016

The heaviest cat in Ukraine chosen in Kyiv

Dozens of purebred cats participated in the competition

11 kilos and 600 grams - that's the weight of the heaviest cat in Ukraine. He goes by the name Cupcake, The Maine Coon breed are famous for their large size.

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The winner received a gold medal and a bag of cat food. Up until now the heaviest recorded cat was Alex, however, since the previous show he had lost 3 kilos along with his title.

Dozens of breed cats came to the exhibition in Kyiv to show their beauty and compete for the right to be called "The Best". Among them, there were rare ones, for example, a Bengali cat with spots on the body and a cat with a short tail like of a hare.

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