Retro vehicle festival in Kyiv: Three-day retro vehicle festival took place in Kyiv
Entertainment15:41 Oct. 4, 2016

Three-day retro vehicle festival took place in Kyiv

A large-scale exhibition showcasing retro cars, bikes and even bicycles

Ukraine's capital hosted a festival of retro vehicles on September 30 - October 2. Visitors came from all regions of Ukraine. Even though some showpieces are 100 years old, they can be still driven. Ranging from Soviet inventions to German and American historic cars.

Maksym from the Kyiv region city of Boyarka says that for the past 30 years he's been spending all his money on this car. It is one of the most expensive showpieces at the festival, a Hanomag from 1934. He bought it as a rusty piece of metal from his friend in 1986. Now it's a masterpiece worth more than EUR 100,000.

"This car is my soul"
"I won't sell it"

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The festival took place in Kyiv for the 5th year. This time, over 700 showpieces were on show.

It gathers more people year by year. The exhibition's organizers say owners of historical vehicles come from lots of different backgrounds, from garage workers to millionaires. The commonality for all of them is their love of history.

This Mercedes is from 1938, and belongs in the highest price category. A good example of how to bring an old car back to life having the desire and a little bit of spare cash.

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Probably, before the Second World War it was used by some general, and later domestically for their household's needs.

Spectators noticed more Soviet cars among the exhibits, but for car owners it barely matters because all historic vehicles are valuable for them.

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