Great master of opera: Roman Kofman turns 80: Ukrainian conductor heading largest Opera House in Europe for 5 years marks his 80th jubilee
Entertainment15:23 Oct. 4, 2016

Ukrainian conductor heading largest Opera House in Europe for 5 years marks his 80th jubilee

Ukraine's National Philharmonic Hall dedicates the new season to Roman Kofman

Conductor, writer, composer... And the first Ukrainian conductor, who headed the largest Opera house in Europe for 5 years. Roman Kofman turns 80 today – and he does not stop doing the things he loves and continues to direct the orchestra even whilst sitting in his chair. To mark his jubilee, the National Philharmonic Hall dedicates the new season to the great master.

These walls have become familiar for the chief conductor of the National Philharmonic Hall in recent decades. Roman Isaakovich, however, mentions that every year it gets harder and harder to reach the work - because of his age. The last three years, the conductor has to work seated.

He calls his life an improvisation, and his life-work – a play of chance. At the age of 6, Roman Kofman accidentally wrote his first poem, at 10– accidentally started to play the violin and at the age of 33 he made his debute as a conductor.

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Within 5 years Kofman was heading the Bonn Opera. He made a recording of oratorio "Christ" by Franz Liszt plus all 15 of Shostakovich's symphonies plus staging 10 operas. A rarely heard one in Europe "Sorochinskaya fair" is amongst them. However, after the completion of the contract, Kofman returned to Ukraine...

"Odor, color, air, the atmosphere of home weigh much more than materialistic welfare, than the peace of mind that staying and working abroad could give to you, that's why I came back".

This cozy house in the suburbs of the capital Roman Kofman arranged back in 1973. Planting flowers and trees. The musician lives here with his wife mainly in the warmer months of the year. Here he rests after rehearsals, works on new books, and delights making happy surprises for his sweetheart.

"I presented poems to my beloved woman, I collected them for a year, I remember back in College I used to buy a nice notebook".

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In  Kofmans' artistic family almost everybody is a musician. His wife Irina Sablina – the founder of the children's choir "Shchedryk". Now the choir is headed by their daughter, Marianna Sablina. The business of Kofman is continued by his son-in-law, the conductor from Kazakhstan, Aydar Tarybayev.

I'm not perfect, admits Kaufman, I'm still on the way to it...

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