: Ukrainian fairy tale poem comes to life in an American video game

16:43 Apr. 21, 2016

Ukrainian fairy tale poem comes to life in an American video game

Ukrainian fairy tale poem comes to life in an American video game (Courtesy of Colabee Studios)

"The Forest Song" by Lesya Ukrainka is the basis for Colabee Studios creation

An American company is behind the latest adaptation of a famous Ukrainian fairy tale poem by Lesya Ukrainka. "The Forest Song" is a video game that "explores the connections and conflict between humans, nature, and supernatural world". It is a first-person adventure in which players assume the role of a peasant who encounters an elusive and powerful Forest Spirit, according to the Colabee website.

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The game which is based on a 1911 play written by Ukrainka involves a number of mythological creatures native to the Ukrainian mythology like lisovyk (sage woodland old man) and mavka (wood nymph) that easily interact with the human world.

Their connection introduces the player to a different world and sparks a dramatic clash between the supernatural inhabitants of the forest and the world of humans.

Colabee Studio co-founders Sean Vesce and Dima Veryovka previously worked on "Never Alone," which received a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Games award for Best Debut Game in 2015. "The Forest Song" is a reflection of Veryovka's Ukrainian background.

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"Ukrainian mythology has so much to teach us, but for people outside of Eastern Europe it has remained largely inaccessible. Having grown up surrounded by these magical tales it is so exciting now to be able to share this part of my culture with gamers everywhere," said Dima Veryovka - Colabee Studios Co-Founder and Creative Director.

"We were drawn to the richness of my own heritage and are excited to share these folktales with a whole new audience," he added.


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