: Ukrainian knight sets a new record in historical fighting
Entertainment18:43 Jul. 19, 2016

Ukrainian knight sets a new record in historical fighting

'Sir Oliver Knightly' spent 15 duels without rest under intense sun heat

A new chivalric record fixed in Odesa region in southern Ukraine.

Rostyslav Myroshnychenko, the master at historical fencing, also known as Sir Oliver Knightly, has withstood 15 fights in a row having won 12 of them. He had been planning to encounter at least 25 opponents, with just two-minute-break between the duels.

However, the abnormal heat hindered the hero to fulfil his plan. Spending a whole hour wearing a cotton-wool suit with armour weighing nearly 30 kilos Sir Oliver suffered from a thermal shock.

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The doctors having arrived at the site did not let him continue battling. However, 15 fights were enough for a new Ukraine's record. The historical battle unfold in Akkerman fortress during the festival of medieval culture.

Sir Oliver Knightly, medieval festival participant: "This heat is unbearable. During the 10th fight I started feeling bad, my heart was pounding, I needed fresh air. But the result is amazing!"

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