Ukrainian embroidery: Ukrainian master presents unique hand-made embroidered book

16:23 Nov. 14, 2016

Ukrainian master presents unique hand-made embroidered book

Embroidered book of Ivan Franko poems (Source:

An artist from the city of Rivne sewed a unique art book with Ivan Franko poems as a tribute to the writer

Olena Medvedeva, a master from Rivne, had spent 10 months embroidering the book of poems by Ivan Franko "Narodna Pisnya" ("Folk Song").

The verses were selected by the artist; she intended to include the most patriotic ones, which would resonate with the Ukrainian nation now.

Letters of each page of the book are embroidered with black color, while red and blue patterns are used for decoration. These red and blue details are familiar to most of the Ukrainians - similar designs had decorated the Ukrainian national shirt that Ivan Franko wore for his famous portrait.



The book weighs 5 kilograms. It has 33 pages and the cover is of dark blue color. It is 60 centimeters high and its 42 centimeters wide.


Olena Medvedeva says: "It was very difficult to estimate the page's space and figure out if the space is enough for the poem. Several times I embroidered the poem and then I didn't have enough space left for two more poem's lines. I had to unstitch all the threads and begin the embroidering all over again."


The book is now exhibited at Kyiv Museum of Books and Book Printing of Ukraine.


Ivan Franko is one of the most influential Ukrainian writers who, like Taras Shevchenko, had a significant impact on national literature and politics. Olena Medvedeva had also sewn the book by Taras Shevchenko "Kobzar" in 2013.


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