Independence Day in Ukraine: Ukrainian national flag painted in the sky (video)
Entertainment19:12 Aug. 25, 2016

Ukrainian national flag painted in the sky (video)

Pilots conducted aerobatics tricks steaming blue and yellow coloured smoke 

Ukrainian pilots painted a national flag in the sky over the city of Dnipro. Blue and yellow stripes of coloured smoke appeared in the air, as two jet aircrafts IL-29 conducted a range of aerobatic figures.

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Numerous barrel rolls, loop manoeuvres and breakups served as a symbolic brush. Pilots from the city of Kharkiv managed to depict a blue-and-yellow heart during the air festival "Free sky". After conducting a joint program, each pilot performed on his own, presenting original spare programs. In view of security measures all aerobatic tricks were conducted at a safe distance from the spectators.

Sergiy Komin, pilot: We are very delighted! Although the weather was not that good and the coloured smoke was vague, I am satisfied. We have done a great work so far.

Oleksiy Agiyevych, pilot: I have been flying for 11 years by now. During the aerobatic show, no one is entitled to even for a tiny mistake. I am very pleased with how the viewers greeted us. I hope more people are going to fall in love with the sky now. 

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